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synth000 (rur062) ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER "Young Beidnahga" cdr ltd50 + cd ltd200
synth001 (rur069) LUNAR MIASMA "Monophonic Ritual" cdr ltd60
synth002 (rur074) ROB FUNKHOUSER "This is why why Robots are taking over" cdr ltd60
synth003 (rur080) SKY DRIPPING VENOM "In Krasnozem" cdr ltd75
synth004 (rur081) DREAM SAFARI / OPHIBRE "Split" cdr ltd60
synth005 (rur082) STELLAR OM SOURCE "Heartlands Suite" cdr ltd100
synth006 (rur084) DRIFTS "Future Light Cone" 3"cdr ltd60
synth007 (rur087) MARC-HENRI ARFEUX "Blossom" cdr ltd100
synth008 (rur088) EASY RIDER "Eternia Beach" cs30/cdr ltd50+20
synth009 (rur089) PULSE EMITTER The Palace of Love" cdr ltd100
synth010 (rur090) MARK BRADLEY "god" cdr ltd55
synth011 (rur091) MAGINA "Nazca Lines" cdr ltd40
synth012 (rur092) INNERCITY "Visions from Dream State" cdr ltd70
synth013 (rur093) TWINS "The Other side of" LP ltd300
synth014 (rur096) BEST HITS "Fantastic lands and Other Songs" cdr ltd80
synth015 (rur097) DUCK DIVE "Inner Projections" cdr ltd80
synth016 (rur098) NOVA SCOTIAN ARMS "Temporal Maneuvers" cdr ltd70
synth017 (rur099) DEREK ROGERS "Triagonals" cdr ltd70
synth018 FREDERIC GERCHAMBEAU "Trois Suites" cdr ltd90
synth019 CANKUN "Miami Vice" cdr ltd84
synth021 UBUNANNA "Arabian Holography" cdr ltd70
synth022 ZONOTOPE™ "Human Unity" cdr ltd70
synth023 STEFAN BLOMEIER "The Danish Straits" cdr ltd70
synth024 NEW FUTURE WANDERER "Teal View" cdr ltd70
synth025 DRACULA SPACECRAFT "Apparitions" cdr ltd60
synth026 FEATURELESS GHOST "New Moods"CD ltd100
synth027 XANDER HARRIS "Poison Belt" CD ltd200
synth028 YAARD "Kimberlin" cdr ltd60
synth029 BERTRAND LOREAU "Promenade Nocturne" cdr ltd80