LP - Edition of 300 w/ digital download code

Tracklisting :

Side A - THE NORMAN CONQUEST "Nadir" (20:39)
Side B - AGNES SZELAG "Zenit" (20:38)

Composed and performed individually by The Norman Conquest and Agnes Szelag.

Both pieces were realized using ONLY vintage analog monophonic synththesizers recorded to analog tape.

Nadir was created on an ARP Axxe
Zenit was made with a Sequential Circuits Pro One


This record is a split release by Agnes Szelag and The Norman Conquest. These pieces are conceptually and tonally connected, but manifested individually unlike music from their collaboration as Dokuro.

It is HIGHLY encouraged to play both pieces simultaneously.
The digital download code will help you in that.


THE NORMAN CONQUEST (TNC) is a composer, performer, and improviser of music influenced by the art of sound engineering.

TNC performs as a sound manipulator and vocalist in Cosa Brava (with Fred Frith, Zeena Parkins, et al.), with Ellen Fullman (in The Infinite Strings Ensemble) and with Nuclear Times (with Quentin Sirjacq & Antoine Berthiaume)

As a recording engineer, some of the artists The Norman Conquest has worked with include Barn Owl (Thrill Jockey 2010), Ellen Fullman (Important 2010), Portraits (Jefre Cantu-Ledesma/Evan Caminiti/Jon Porras - Important 2012) or Keith Fullerton Whitman (Root Strata 2010), Elliott Sharp, Gregg Kowalsky...

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AGNES SZELAG is a sound artist and performer who composes music and designs video scores and installations. Transformation is often a theme in her work as she creates spaces that connect to tangible witht he intangible, interactive schemes that ride the line between compostion and improvisation.

Agnes has performed or collaborated with:  Terry Riley, Fred Frith, James Tenney, Frances-Marie Uitti, Pauline Oliveros, Torben Ulrich, Henry Grimes, Jon Raskin, Phillip Greenlief, Miya Masaoka, Oakland Active Orchestra, and many others

She releases music as Evon, Myrmyr (with Marielle Jakobsons), and Dokuro on Under the Spire Recordings, Digitalis, Aphonia Recordings.

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